Friday, 30 December 2011


Voemil Milk Bottle
Price: RM31.90
Produce by: Jilique Sanchez Inc.

Cold milk? No longer with voemil, because this may warm the cold milk and prevent the baby from bloating. It would help remove germs that breed in cold milk.

Mummy’s Bottle

Price: RM 25.00/small
Priduce by: Amengbor Innovate Sdn Bhd

The bottle is designed to facilitate infants with feeding bottles for the bottle nipple nipple-like breast milk. So the baby can suck milk comfortably.

Anti-BPA Bottle
Price: RM12.90/small
Produce by: Fzo’splastic Bhd

These milk bottles are free of bisphenol A (BPA). This chemicals is very  harmful to the baby and can affect the growth of babies. It is also able to activate the cancer cellsSouse this type of bottle can prevent and save the babies.

NBA 1011

Cherub Baby Standard Neck Slow Flow Nipple Anti Colic

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