Baby Herbal Soap
   Price: RM79.90/set.
   Produce by: Herb Benefit Sdn. Bhd.

 This soap is formulated from high quality herbs and blended with standard methods. safe for baby's skin and eyes. Safe to use for infants aged 3 months upwards.

 Baby Herb Organic Soap
    Price: RM23.90
    Produce by: HPA Industry Sdn. Bhd.

Soap is produced by HPA are clean, pure and formulated with Islamic rules. It is organic and suitable for various types of baby's skin, including sensitive types.
My Baby Shower Cream
    Price: RM17.90
    Produce by: Healin Industry Sdn, Bhd.

This baby shower cream is the result of sea cucumber extract. Suitable for baby skin problems bumps and wounds.
  Bonsueg Baby Soap
    Price: RM12.00
    Produce by: Quertej Enterprise

Soap is produced through the traditional process of production of soap. With the basic material of goat's milk, this soap is able to soften baby's skin and prevents rashes.


Pureens Baby Bath Sets
    Price: RM 34.00
   Produce by: Pureens
This set is the complete set includes a bath, lotion, and moisturizers for the baby. Additional RM20, buyers will get a basket to fill the baby bath.

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